THC Bomb Live Resin Cartridge – 1G


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THC Bomb Live Resin Cartridge
The West Coast Cure THC Bomb Live Resin Cartridge is a 1g cartridge of high-quality, full-spectrum resin. This incredible product combines the best components from both live and cured flowers – giving you all the relaxing, euphoric effects that can come with cannabis usage in one convenient package. With this top tier concentrate produced at some of California’s premier labs, you get an entourage effect thanks to its entire cannabinoid profile.
Without any heavy metals or solvents! Its unique formula also creates maximum potency so your vaping experience will always be smooth and intense. For those who demand real quality when it comes to their vaporizer products, West Coast Cure has got them covered with their groundbreaking THC Bomb Live Resin Cartridges.
THC Bomb Live Resin Cartridge: On a scale of Molotov’s to Nukes, THC Bomb is a whole-plant, full-spectrum “Mother of all Bombs”! A one-gram tank of Hybrid oil, THC Bomb’s shallot-like flavor, and explosive effect hit the palate and head like a potent dab from your favorite rig. Able to detonate volatile human traits with a single pull, THC Bomb converts belligerent boredom into peaceful creativity.
Guaranteed only 100% pure flower extract for consistent sweetness and flavor each time you take a puff! These single gram cartridges are small enough for discretion but powerful enough to create blissful relaxation on even the most stressful days. So don’t wait until stressors pile up before coming back home. Take yourself away whenever life needs it by treating yourself right with phenomenal extracts every time! Get yours today while supplies last & enjoy amazing flavors experienced wherever life takes you within minutes fast delivery available USA wide.
Cartridge Hybrid
THC: 82.22%


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