Papaya Punch Rosin Cartridge – 0.5g


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Papaya Punch Rosin Cartridge
West Coast Cure is proud to offer live rosin cart that is expertly crafted from the finest quality ingredients. The Papaya Punch Rosin Cartridge offers an amazing 0.5g combination of terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids for a delightfully intense experience every time you inhale.
WCC’s Papaya Punch Rosin Cartridge delivers a half-gram of fruity high-end Hybrid extracts in a 510-cart. A potent and discreet dab-like vape of berries and spice, this vape packs a sweet and fruity hit with a stunning punch. A mouthwatering rosin with a sultry flavor, its effects have a seriously tropical vibe that leaves you with a chill disposition.
Cartridge Hybrid
THC: 76.46%
Ideal for on-the-go relaxation or convenience at home. This cartridge utilizes cutting edge CO2 extraction technology before undergoing a careful cold filtration. Thus, preserving its naturally occurring aromas and flavors while providing strong potency with each puff.
Is West Coast Cure Live Rosin Cart Safe?
This product was designed by experienced professionals who pride themselves in delivering only the highest standards – guaranteed! Enjoy all your favorite tastes without ever having to worry about sustainability; West Coast Cure commits itself to source nothing but premium raw materials grown using ecofriendly methods so you can trust where your medicine comes from.
Buy Live Rosin Cart from West Coast Cure
At West Coast Cure we strive towards excellence when it comes to producing our original cannabis products like no other on the market today. Especially our superior live rosin cartridges such as Papaya Punch Live Rosin Cart. Crafted carefully by specialists in house with exacting attention paid down into even minute details during production process utilizing state of art CO2 Extraction technology. Paired alongside rigorous cold filtrations, governed strictly based off stringent adherence set forth under industry.
Always consult with medical professional when medicating & understand dosing thoroughly prior consumption/use of any medication/product including this one!


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