Packman Mystery OG disposable vape carts 2000mg. Order pac man mystery og live resin liquid diamonds from our store near you: Cincinnati OH, Nashville TN, Las Vegas NV, El Paso TX and many other States.


Pack Man Mystery OG

Pack Man Mystery OG Our mystery OG is one of our new hybrid lines. One of the most notable strains in North America the background of the strain covers a variety of different origins along with terpene profiles. From OG Kush, Tahoe OG, Bubba Kush, SFV OG, Fire OG, and so many other crosses that have come after. This blend is a perfect almost 50/50 of indica and sativa checking every box for a smokers ideal experience. We wanted to release this for our old timers and true smokers. If you know you know. OG is known for its originality and its intensity.

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Pack Man Disposable is here to make your vaping experience easier and more enjoyable than ever! This 2-gram disposable device comes with live resin liquid diamonds that deliver the most intense flavor and maximum vapor production with every puff. Enjoy a hassle-free vaping experience without replacing any cartridges or coils. Try Pack Man Disposable today, and vape your way to flavor heaven!

Packman Mystery OG Disposable

Packman blue mystery og is one of the more popular flavors from packman dispos, it shares some similarities to the cereal skunk though. This flavor is made from the mystery og strain. This indica dominant hybrid is got from crossing OG Kush and an unknown hybrid. Much like it’s parent strain, this flavor is spicy sweet and is perfect for a relaxing day on the couch. This strain has a reputation of inducing slowing you down and this flavor is no different. This flavor is unique and quite different from anything you will find in the market. Packman like many other top disposables focuses on not only the design but also the quality of our products.

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