Maui Waui CUREpen Cartridge – 1g


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Maui Waui CUREpen Cartridge
West Coast Cure is the premier provider of high-quality cure carts and other cannabis accessories. Our Curepen Cartridge is a perfect example – meticulously designed to provide an enhanced vaping experience with unparalleled quality and flavor. Our 1g Maui Waui cart comes loaded up with premium indica flower, carefully cultivated from our network of trustworthy farmers in California’s beautiful Emerald Triangle region. We use only the very best ingredients for each batch so that you get peak dry herb performance in every hit! This strain has classic tropical vibe notes, ranging from sweet pineapple to earthy musk for true connoisseur class enjoyment in your own home or on-the-go.With this cartridge installed into any 510 thread compatible vaporizer battery device, you can count on maximum satisfaction no matter where life takes you.
About Maui Waui
The Maui Waui CUREpen Cartridge by West Coast Cure is a full-gram, Sativa-dominant oil with a Hawaiian-style kicker. A tropical mango vape with a guava-papaya exhale, the Maui Waui 510-cart produces a sweet pineapple-ish flavor and a high-energy euphoria. Discrete and convenient, it’s like a small dose of paradise.
THC: 50.26%
Why Choose West Coast Cure Carts
It’ll never let down during those critical moments when all else seems lost! What sets West Coast Cure Carts apart? All of our products are rigorously tested before they go out door. Meaning we maintain strict standards regarding safety and consistency across different batches as well as providing assurance that even small amounts will pack powerful punch without sacrificing flavour or aroma.
Buy WCC’s Maui Waui CUREpen Carts Online
In addition, because we fully understand how important discretion can be these days. We make sure all orders arrive fresh while also being packed discretely just like if they were delivered by stealth bomber squadrons themselves ;). So enjoy some top shelf relaxation courtesy of us here at West Coast cures–you won’t.


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