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Jeeter juice live resin Lemon Drop Jeeter juice live resin Lemon Drop is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that has a deliciously fruity and tangy aroma and tastes just about the same. The name speaks for itself, as it has an incredible sweet lemony and tropical taste. Individuals may feel euphoric and will experience an increase in appetite. Jeeter disposable live resin pen, the strain may be used to treat anxiety, anorexia and even depression. Lemon drop live resin straw a strain with high demand from consumers. IS LEMON DROP AN INDICA OR SATIVA? Lemon Drop live resin straw vape is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain. WHAT EFFECTS DOES LEMON DROP HAVE? The Lemon Drop strain has euphoric and hunger inducing effects. Watch your troubles melt just like the song suggests as you go over the rainbow with Lemon Drops. HOW DOES THE LIVE RESIN VAPE GET ITS FLAVOR? Live Resin derives its flavor directly from the original plant. The plant undergoes a flash freezing process that prevents the terpenes in the flower from degrading, and keeps them as fresh as the moment the plants are harvested. When the plant then undergoes extraction, the terpene profile is incredibly potent and diverse, and is able to be transferred to the end oil. The phrase “fire in, fire out” is especially important with Live Resin extraction.


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