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WCC’s Grape Ape Disposable CUREpen contains a Hybrid oil that inspires a tranquil outlook for the rushed consumer. This ready-to-rip disposable vape pen has a fruity full-gram tank of premium THC oil. Derived from a Grape Ape phenotype, the 1g of Grape Ape is powered by a rechargeable 2.4-volt auto draw battery with a ceramic core atomizer. A soothing vape with a refreshing pull, Grape Ape’s oil pacifies the anxious psyche as soon as it’s freed from the box.
THC: 88.84%
About this strain: Grape Ape
Grape Ape, also called Purple Ape, is an Indica-dominant hybrid of Mendocino Purps, Skunk, and an Afghani landrace from Apothecary Genetics in California. The seed bank attributes Grape Ape to its founder Bret Bogue, who reportedly developed the strain sometime after starting Apothecary Genetics in 2004.
The winner of four top awards, including first place at two consecutive Green Cups in 2005 and 2006, and first Concentrate at High Times Medical Cup in 2011, Grape Ape is reported by Apothecary Genetics to deliver a sweet grape flavor and long-lasting medicinal effects well suited for pain relief.
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