Apple Burst CUREpen Cartridge – 1g

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West Coast Cure’s Apple Burst CUREpen Cartridge produces an engaging vape with a hint of sour apples and petrol. A Sativa leaning oil, the 1 gram Apple Burst 510 Cartridge elevates your mood and replenishes your spirit after just one pull.

2 reviews for Apple Burst CUREpen Cartridge – 1g

  1. Justin Clarfied

    Never had a problem here!

  2. Caliivera88

    Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa! No more sneaking out on the room and go to the bar and open the cabinet under the sink and reach further just to get the lens box and pick a flower and grind it then pipe it then go outside to smoke 5 times and go hide it again and go to restroom and drink a glass of listerine just to elimanate the smells and go back to the room and get to bed. While gf asleep. But this one is awsome! I’ll tell her I’m just go wee-wee, then open the sink cabinet and reach underneath to grab the pen w/ velcro and smoke 3 times, no smell all good go back to bed. From 30mins to 3mins. Brooo wtf!! I’m flyyyyyyiiingggggggggg! Ultimate Mind Blown. Life saver! And Time Saver!!! WCC is the best!!!

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