3-Pack Diamond Infused Pre-Roll: Velvet


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Heavy Hitters’ Infused Pre-Rolls are made for those who want a little something extra. Each premium pre-roll is all nugs and no shake, with an infused concentrate that amplifies the already top-shelf high that you can expect from Heavy Hitters. Light up, and enjoy your favorite strain like it was your first time again.


Folded Tip | Concentrate Infused | Limited Drops | Hand Crafted | Ready-To-Smoke

A deliciously potent cross between Dutch Treat and Blueberry, Velvet is as mouth-watering as the name suggests. With a fruity flavor and smooth smoke, this sativa-leaning hybrid offers energetic effects that will have you relaxed and focused.

Strain Type: Sativa

Taste Profile: Blueberry, Menthol, Sweet

Effect Profile: Creative, Energetic, focused

Lineage: Dutch Treat X Blueberry


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